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Onsite Instrumentation Calibration Services

Instrumentation Testing

FCX Services uses test equipment that is certified according to AMS 2750E standards and is NIST traceable. We perform test instrument calibrations in our own ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited certification lab.

Onsite calibrations can be performed in several ways, depending on whether or not your process is running, and if test probes can be placed adjacent to your temperature sensors. These tests are referred to as:

System Accuracy Tests

This preferred test is performed by:

  • Placing a certified test sensor as close to the sensor tip as practical
  • Comparing the reading from the test sensor to the reading of the system

Comparison Tests

If the sensor to be tested is not accessible with your process running, the accuracy of

your instrument reading can then be determined by:

  • Connecting a test instrument to the sensor
  • Comparing the two readings 

Multi-Point Calibration Tests

If your process is not running, the instrument can be calibrated at multiple points throughout the operating temperature range per your specification.


We will provide you with the documentation you need to maintain your quality requirements. Our reports are accurate, concise and detailed. The integrity of your calibrations will be clearly reported and the auditing process will be streamlined. All records are backed up on our corporate servers. Calibration due dates are tracked and reminders are automatically sent out.

Replacement and Upgrades

FCX Services can also guide you with instrument replacements and upgrades when the need arises. From making the proper recommendations to completing the entire changeover, we can assure your downtime will be minimized. We can cater to needs such as:

  • Thermocouples
  • Protection tubes
  • Extension wire
  • Recorder charts
  • Pens

Our calibration certificates:

  • ISO 17025
  • ISA

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